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24 december 2020
1. Lessons /workshops

How to build an investment porfolio – for your agenda…


  • Diest (17/01/2017) NL
  • Brussel (15/01/2017) FR
  • Gentbrugge (22/01/2017) NL
  • Brussel (29/01/2017) FR


  • Today’s stock market
    Which data to follow
    Currency risks
    Tips on how to increase the ROI on your portfolio
2. NEW: Expert on TransStock – LABO’s

Three-course workshop from 18u30 to 21u30.

Spacious room with one big screen and two dozen pc monitors (or bring your own laptop).

After a general demonstration, you will be assigned a task. Each time you will understand the purpose of the task and you will check if stock X is worth buying or selling. After that, you will determine the value, based on the theory you just learned. 

Where?  Diest on Wednesdays 28/02, 28/03 en 25/04

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