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What is better: choosing the share or the stock exchange first?

In my previous contribution, ‘Are the celebrations on the American stock exchange ending?’, you read about the phenomenal increase since 2009. In 8 years time, the American index tripled! During the same period, the EuroStoxx 600 Europe performed below par. The resistance zone of 415 points has been in place for 17 years already! If Europe’s...
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Investing with Vertigo!

In my previous contribution, I wrote that the S&P500 index has been trending upward since 2009. And yet, even in this positive course, many investors are anxious and prefer cash or short positions. We have covered one of the principles on which technical analysis is built. In this contribution, you will learn which shares are still...
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Never fight the trend

Since 2009, the S&P500 – the trendsetter for shares the world over – has been moving in an upward trend. There were dips every now and again, but the main trend was upward. A nuclear threat appears to be insufficient to cause the trend to turn.  
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Healthy correction for the S&P500?

On Friday 9 June, the American Nasdaq Intraday dropped with more than 3%. The American S&P500 restricted itself to a little over one percent. Noteworthy, considering investors are only used to an increase of 3%.
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