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Zijn uw schaapjes al geschoren?

Have you earned your keep yet?

The rise in interest on both the short and long term has received a lot of attention. Even on the late news, you are informed that it would be best to buy a house fast, because loans are going to become more expensive. What people do not tell you, however, is that the interest rate also...
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Crash of Correctie?

Vorige week gaf de Amerikaanse Centrale Bank aan dat de rente in 2018 weliswaar beperkt, maar verder zal toenemen. Drie of vier renteverhogingen zijn in 2018 nodig om de inflatie binnen de perken te houden. De langetermijnrente steeg en u ziet dat duidelijk op de 30 jarige T-bond. De 150 en vervolgens 145 punten zijn belangrijke...
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Lists of shares worth buying

In the January 2018 edition of ‘Beste Belegger’, you were introduced to an interesting contribution named ‘De VFB Eindejaarsvraagjes’ (or VFB end-of-year questions). A number of analysts each introduces three shares worth buying. A brave task with the final score in December 2018; brave in particular considering that the economic and political landscape can change tremendously...
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Get ridiculously rich with Bitcoins

In my most recent contribution, I wrote about the considerable stock market yields of 2017 (+10% on average), and the even higher scores of the model portfolios (+20% on average). After just 10 trading days, the model portfolio ‘Belgium’ finished in first place with an increase of +17% since 1 January! The Bel20, on the other...
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And the winner is …

With the start of the new year, it is interesting to consider the performance of your portfolio against the performance of the stock market indexes in 2017. If the indexes rose to heights never seen before and if your portfolio remained more or less the same, it is important to change your position in time.
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How do you know if your portfolio contains the right shares?

Exactly one month ago, I wrote ‘Are the celebrations on the American market ending?’ Since that article, the stock exchange index for S&P500 quotes sidelong. This results in debates between believers and non-believers. That phenomenon can take some time before it is resolved. Sooner or later, the support or resistance will collapse, and a new movement...
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