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AB-Inbev: Uit een ander vaatje tappen?

AB-Inbev: Changing its tune?

When it came to share selection at the “VFB-Day of the Tips” in Ghent on Saturday 29 September, the famed share AB-Inbev was given the highest score as the most promising share. Sufficient reason to look at this share from a technical standpoint as well…
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Holiday jitters

Investing is not solely for those who analyze data – be it fundamental or technical. Often, events are the triggers of trend changes. Data from wars, events, law, and many other areas can have an important influence on the price evolution of investing instruments, such as exchange rate, shares, and futures.
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Market Discussion - July

Market Discussion – July

Throughout the year, there are monthly courses about using TransStock and technical analysis. Usually, we also discuss markets and sectors. Read more on the results here…
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L’évaluation technique des actions sur base du return et de la force

Technical valuation of shares based on “Return and Strength”

In previous years, you may have regularly read a contribution in which it was proven to select strong shares from strong sectors and strong markets. This increases your rate of success.
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Vive la France!

Vive la France!

“Vive la France” were the only three French words spoken by President Macron after a long English speech in Congress this week. Macron is the first president that visited the United States during the Trump-era. In doing so, Macron placed himself, France, and the French stock exchange on an international stage. On a European field, as...
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Correction or downward trend?

A number of catalysts caused the market to drop faster than we are used to, after months of trending upward. The word ‘crash’ resurfaced, but luckily did not come to full fruition. And yet, nothing really happened unless you started investing in January 2018. This is a reason why you should enter the market gradually.
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