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A closer look at some key indices.

S&P500 – Reference USA

The price is quoting above the rising 55 and 200 EMA: Positive!
The S&P500 is experiencing 127.2% fibonacci resistance.
Important supports can be found around 3630 and 3520.



Since November, the averages have finally been rising. But the index is still lower than its February top. There are stronger stock markets than the Belgian one.
BEL20 is now moving between the 61.8% and 76.4% fibonacci lines. Both lines coincide with important tops/bottoms in the past



AEX is performing much better than the BEL20 and is trading at the top of February. This strength was already observable in April/May. The orange line (55ema) drops to the 50% fibonacci line at the AEX but at the BEL the average drops one step lower (=negative).


SXXP – EU Reference


The SSXP breaks through the 76.4% fibonacci. Comparing with the BEL20, the BEL20 performs a bit lower. In contrast, the AEX is performing much better. Trend investors follow the strong stocks of Amsterdam!


Dollar Index

The downtrend is still intact.
In this 40-year period (weekly candles), there have been two upward trend movements since the 1985 top. This movement stopped at the 61.8% fibonacci.
The dollar is approaching a key support around 88.50, then 84.50.
This chart with weekly bars shows three death crosses:
– The recent one from early December 2020.
– The two previous ones, 1986 and 2003, after which the dollar continued its serious decline!
You have been warned: keep an eye on the supports! Quick fall through 88.50 gives a weak signal for the USD.

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