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Robot-controlled model portfolios

The new generation of technological enhancements also pushes through in the world of the financial stock market. Technologies that will help humankind along are best prioritized.

With TransStock Investment Software, you will make a difference and are consequently ready for this new, spectacular progress.

Investment Software

Pre-Built Screens


Heat map

Top and Flop, in real time or a set period


Peer to peer analysis of your favorite shares


and what about trading?

Market Sentiment America & Europe

Red means profit taking

Sector Measurements

Invest in strong sectors
Fundamentele analyse

Fundamental Analysis

What are the fundamental prospects?


Performance and Top Deviation of sector peers
Warran Buffet

Performance Measurement

The RX (model portfolios) against indexes

Portfolio Management

Magnificent overview of robot purchases
Investment Software

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Transparent Buy and Sell Signals

Thanks to 15 automated model portfolios of 15 world stock exchange markets, you will possess a performant system to build your investment portfolio. Before the stock market opens, you will know exactly what to buy, keep, or sell.

This saves you a lot of time in choosing and monitoring your portfolio. In other words: model portfolios are not only the foundation of your investments, but you will also use all the benefits of TransStock for additional returns!

Automatic Trend Channels

With the automatic support and resistance lines, you will immediately recognize the trend and the trend channel of the graph. In doing so, you avoid closing positions too early and consequently increase the returns on your portfolio.

Thanks to the automatic lines, you also know whether the share is near an important support or resistance. The combination with an adjustable alarm will keep you alert to close your positions in time when the trend turns.

Reliable Quotes

Investment software offers plenty of benefits when choosing positions for your investment portfolio.  All analysts agree on that. When it comes to selecting a supplier of quote data, however, doubt arises, since the price and quality of suppliers differ significantly. 

It is precisely this point that makes TransStock unique because the investment software and worldwide data feed are supplied by the same company.

Additionally, you have an unobserved price advantage, which will make you save a lot on expenses and, as a consequence, efforts to access qualitative and reliable quotes.

Including MarketWatch Advice Module

TransStock MarketWatch is another wonderful asset for any investor in shares, investment funds, or trackers.

If you are doubting about buying or selling a particular share, or if you have noticed that a specific investment fund might be interesting for the long term, you will know immediately whether to opt in or out by using MarketWatch. At the same time, you are informed about the most successful sectors, countries, and indexes.

These factors, among others, also improve the returns on your investment portfolio.

TransStock MarketWatch

You receive the best advice

Before the stock market opens, you will know exactly what to buy, keep, or sell. You always have a transparent overview of the purchase date and the returns since the purchase.

MarketWatch saves you a lot of time to find promising shares and will give you concrete advice once the sentiment turns.



Geachte, Ik zit zowat de ganse namiddag met TransStock bezig. Wat een goed gevoel heeft mij dit gegeven: een fantastisch programma dat nog fantastischer wordt. Vooral de “MarketWatch” is zeer in mijn smaak gevallen. Op basis ervan heb ik reeds mijn selecties duchtig herschikt. Ik heb nu veel meer overzicht en hoef niet ieder interessant aandeel meer te selecteren. “MarketWatch” doet dit perfect in de plaats, amaai zeg, wat een luxe. Ik ben ook overtuigt dat ik nu, veel meer dan in het verleden, mijn hartje zal ophalen in het bewerken van de aandelenbeurs. Met vriendelijke groeten


15 Model portfolios

Robot-controlled portfolios that beat the market.

Clear, transparent overview

Detail model portfolio Frankfurt

The Dax performed well last year: +16%
The model portfolio performed better: +26%

Investment Software

Core functions

10+ Graph styles

Line, Candle, Candle, Heikin, Kagi, Renko…

18+ Line studies

Fibonacci, Ellioth Waves, Fischer…

80+ Indicators

RSI, Macd, Trix, OBV…

14+ Averages

Simple, Exponential, Kaufman, Vidya…

13+Trading Bands

Alhpa, Bollinger, Gravity, Keltner…

100+Screen Attributes

Title, Legend, Axes, Background…

24+ Curve Attributes

Histogram, Darvas, Crossings…

28+ Buy and Sell triggers

Support lines, Protractor lines, Quote patterns…

Preference lists

Cyber, Marijuana, Artificiële Intelligentie…

Portfolio Monitoring

Ptf John, Ptf Doe…


Dividend 5 June, 5% Trailing Stop, Min. $100…

Fundamental Data

Expected P/E, PEG, EBITDA.. 

150+ Sectors

Breweries, Sodas, Water…


150+ Scanning Methods

Summary Screens

150+ Columns

Company, ISIN, Close, RSI, P/E, Revenue, Short Ratio…

Index Compilation

Premium version

Uranium index, Cyber Index…

Scanning for Patterns

Premium version

Double Top, Head and Shoulders, Peg…

Counting System Development

Premium version

Number of shares above 55th average, number of values with MACD negative…

Indicator Development

Premium version

Indicators develop by means of formulas

TradingSystem Development

Premium Version

Developing and backtesting a trading system

Colored Symbol Folders

Bar charts

Ticker bar

Financial News



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